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Beginner Tools & Tips

The Plant Plug Here!

Getting started with any hobby can be daunting. My personal journey began back in 2009. I knew nothing of botany and killed every plant that crossed my path. I did what many people do: over shop at the local Home Depot, become extremely ambitious & ask for no help. 

Here is a short list of tools to jump start anyone's plant journey. Quality tools & supplies that will last a lifetime are one of the best investments one can make besides education.

What I Suggest:

- Quality Die Cast (Metal) Hand Tools

Yes it is VERY tempting to purchase garden tools at the 99 Cent Only Store or Dollar Tree. I strongly urge you NOT to. They are a temporary solution to what is to be a lifetime of organic farming. Those tools tend to rust, dull and break down rather quickly. You will find yourself rebuying tools often.

-Pruning Shears (Garden Scissors)

This is one of the MOST important tools wen gardening. Many people are not aware of the benefits of regular pruning to promote the life and health of a plant. Tomatoes being one of the most popular plants for home gardening is also one of the plants that need the most pruning. Like a good trim of split ends at the hair dresser to stimulate hair growth, an occasional trim can do certain plants wonders.

Good shears should run on average around $15 to $20 USD. They will stay sharp as long as you clean them & only use for plants. Be sure to clean them with alcohol after each use. This prevents the spread of disease from plant to plant. Also this will reduce the chance of blade rust. Do not clean blades with water.

- A Watering Can (a Gallon or Larger)

A sturdy thick plastic or metal watering can will be of great use for a few reason. First you can mobilize watering plants both indoors and outdoors without the need for a hose. Secondly, you can add foods and fertilizers (egg shells being one of my faves) to help feed your plants occasionally.

Flimsy watering cans tend to break down & bend quickly. Some are even prone to cracking.

- Mason Jars

Reusable jars are a great tool for creating home fertilizers (like banana water) as well as water propagating plant. Buy a few with lids now and thank me later.

Remember you can always ask me basic plant care questions on my Instagram @theplantplugla or book a virtual consultation. This post contains affiliate links.

Happy Planting :D

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