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Five Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Any Garden

Five Easiest Plants to Grow

Starting a garden in theory can be overwhelming. Many questions arise; especially, like me, many plants have died in my care back in 2009.

Fast forward to 2015, I asked myself an onslaught of questions:

  • What should I plant?
  •  How often do I water?
  • What type of soil should I use?
  • How Much Sun should it get?
  • How much is this going to cost me?
  • Can I afford “organic?”
  • What is Fertilizer, Mulch, Compost? Is growing in The Hood possible?

I comprised a list of the 5 easiest plants to grow & regrow (especially if you live in Los Angeles, California) Each plant will include suggestions, watering and quick care tips:

1. Kale

As an ally to my failed efforts growing early on, Kale as seemed to be the most resilient in the garden. It can grow in some of the worst soil types (clay/ sad/ dust) without the need for fertilizer.

(Pro Tip: always fertilize lightly when you can every 2-3 weeks)

Kale needs full sun & to be watered daily but not temps of 90 degrees or higher. Kale can be grown in a pot, the ground or large container. It does need to be watered daily. Missing a day of watering will not kill a mature plant. Kale can grow through winter and live multiple seasons. Make sure to trim the leaves from the stalk to stimulate more growth.

(Pro Tip: A single kale plant can last for seasons. The bigger the pot the bigger the leaves. pick them by ripping them off the stalk to encourage more leaves to grow.)


It seems as though there is NO need to read the instructions when growing a squash variety (Pumpkins, Butternut, Zucchini included) growing squash is just that easy. Just bury seeds about and inch deep & water. They can grow in some of the worse soil qualities and still flower. They grow fast.

Many common squash varieties can go from seed to table in as little as 60 - 75 days. And you can grow squash in California 9 months out of the year. Squash seeds come a plenty. The abundance from a single squash alone can ensure growing fresh crops year after year. They are also widely available, tend to be on the cheaper side when buying seeds from any store or online & can be found everywhere seeds are sold.

(Pro Tip: Grow flowers near squash to aid in pollination)


Herbs are an easy starter that can grow year round. They can be grown indoors and take up little space, adding immense flavor to your favorite meals. Place a plant beside a west facing window which receives at least 4 fours minimum of Sun. Herbs can also be propagated (a small plant cutting) dipped in a clean clear jar of water and grown. Pruning often & watering lightly can insure the long life of a plant.

(Pro Tip: If growing outdoors be sure to keep mint separate. Mint has aggressive roots which will overtake any space.)


Peppers are an EASY favorite, with minimal upkeep, you can keep pepper plants year after year. Pepper plants many not produce peppers all year (Spring you may see blossoms, Summer & a hot Fall are peak for producing plenty of peppers)

Seeds are as easy to find as a bell pepper in the grocery store. Dry out the seed from the hollowed out pepper for a week. Sow the seeds in a pot filled to the top, then cover with about half an inch of soil. Water daily. Hot peppers hold similar care need.

What makes peppers so easy is the seed accessibly, the light but daily watering, they are a perennial vegetable (they grow year round.)

(Pro Tip: Peppers like it hot! Desert climates included. Place them on a top shelf/ rack when plant are around 1” to 2” tall . They love being close to the Sun to soak up all those UV rays)

5.Potatoes/ Onions

This is a *2-for-1 SPECIAL* both are great for beginners, cost almost NO MONEY to start and make for a great home botany project for children. With a jar, clean water and an old potato or onion you can regrow an entire crop.

Emerge the over grown parts of the vegetable alone in a jar half filled with water until the roots are barely touching. Place the jar in the Sun. Over the next few weeks you will see the roots take off and soon enough you can bury the root vegetable in soil to grow a full crop. All from a single potato or onion bought from the grocery store.

They like partial shade, loose healthy soil and to be watered daily.

(Pro Tip: Green Onions are the easiest to regrow. Leave about two inches in a small cup of water and watch the take off! No need to grow them in soil. Green onions are the gift that keep on giving)

Thank you for reading. You can email me at or on Instagram @theplantplugla I have Amazon seed suggestions & affiliate links below,


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